One Click LCA Training- Why and how to integrate sustainability in your organization


Gain a good understanding of how the biggest players in the market approach sustainability and embodied carbon. Duration is 3.5 hours.

Training session will be delivered minimum 2 weeks after the order has been placed.



Price/ group of attendees (Listed Prices are for the whole group) For onsite training, you can purchase the training here and we will invoice you the travel costs later, but please mind that training sessions can not always be delivered on site. If you wish to receive more information or to have a separate quote for the onsite training, please contact us


Level : Beginner/ Intermediate/ Expert

This course is designed for building specialists: architects, engineers, green building consultants.

Content overview

  • Thorough review of how the building sector is dealing with embodied carbon.
  • Explore the drivers for tackling embodied carbon and the business case around sustainability services.
  • Review of selected best organization practices.
  • Presentation of intuitive organisation level solutions.
  • How to easily use sustainability as a design tool when still in the concept phase with Carbon Designer.

Additional information

Number of attendees

up to 5 attendees, over 5 attendees

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