Comprehensive Training( US/CA)


Book your kick-off training and learn everything you need to know to get started with One Click LCA for Ecodesign and Green Building Certifications.



  Comprehensive online training. Our Support team will help you with the on boarding process.


If you are purchasing a license to one of our software products we highly recommend that you also book a kick off training. During the training we will introduce you to all the software’s functionalities and answer any specific questions you might have regarding your project, certification scheme of choice, and integrations. Get all the information you need to get your Life-Cycle Metrics reports easily and fast.


Trainer Mrs. Tytti Bruce-Hyrkäs (MSc.) is a building LCA expert with personal experience from over 100 building and infrastructure LCAs. She is also the developer of One Click LCA —the highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM. Every year she teaches approx. 200 certification professionals and other building sustainability experts around Europe to use building LCA tools for companies and educational institutions.

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