One Click LCA for Architects and Engineers UK (Named User)

2790  / year

Powerful business toolkit for demanding Life-Cycle Carbon Assessment and Eco-design for architects and engineers. It can be used for RICS, GLA, life cycle carbon visualization in BIM and creating private constructions.

DATABASES all EPDs from BRE as well as all European EPDs 
TOOLS & CREDITS Business level features, baseline tool (Carbon Designer 3D), 
LICENSE Single named user annual license, automatic renewal
ADD-ONS Easily upgrade to include Building Circularity (circular economy tool), Life-cycle cost (excl. cost data) modules.
INCLUDES Private online training, video guides and email support.


One Click LCA Business is the solution for the busy green building professional, who needs a reliable and effective life-cycle assessment tool. The One Click LCA Business product includes following capabilities:

  • Friendly user interface and effective and quick variation and comparison tools
  • Access to up to date comprehensive materials including all EPDs from BRE as well as all European EPDs (IMPACT dataset with a license), constructions and utilities database, including all available updates, updates and search and filter tools
  • Sustainable materials suggestions and detailed green materials benchmarking
  • Ability to create private construction libraries
  • Quick hotspot identification tools for eco-design, access to EPD download and access industry carbon benchmarks to compare performance
  • UK Carbon tool based on RICS and GLA whole life carbon methodology, visual concept phase tool (Carbon designer 3D)
  • Integrations to commonly used design software tools.
  • Capability to upload bill of materials from Excel or gbXML files
  • Live kick-off training (2 hours)
  • Very good email support staffed by LCA experts
Annual license for one named user for use in design and construction of building projects. Prices exclude value add/sales tax. Annual automatic renewal unless canceled in writing three months prior to renewal date. Full terms:

Product packages include limited features and tools; not all tools available in the platform. Separate licenses are available for Infra, EPD and CSR needs.

One Click LCA® is an easy to use toolkit for sustainable construction. The platform has modules for life-cycle assessment and carbon footprinting, life-cycle costing, responsible sourcing, EPD credits, circular economy, construction site performance tracking and more. The platform supports dozens of certification systems, integrates vast and continuously updated LCA database and integrates with Excel, gbXML, IFC, Revit and other BIM tools.

The software fits life-cycle cost optimization, eco-design, carbon performance optimization and tracking, sustainable procurement and certification needs. Tools and functionalities are licensed either as packages or as add-ons.

While we do every effort to present up to date and accurate information, we can not guarantee all information and data shown is free of errors, up to date or complete.

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