Net Zero Carbon Add-on North America (Concurrent user)

1200  / year

Empower project teams to quantify all carbon-emitting and carbon-reducing options in their projects to comply with local Net Zero Carbon definitions

COMPLIANCE Net Zero Carbon definitions
DATABASES Local EPDs, generic data
TOOLS Net Zero carbon tool
INCLUDES Great email support


With One Click LCA Net Zero Carbon add on, you can:

  • Select from a substantial range of reused and recycled materials to use in your carbon footprinting / LCA.
  • Model the preservation of existing building elements.
  • Adjust material service life and wastage assumptions.
  • Adjust end-of-life scenarios from the market standard practice e.g. to model product reuse (within boundaries of standards).
  • Export energy from the building to offset other energy flows at a system level.
  • Sequestrate biogenic carbon (for any products used for the project).
  • Access a library of 100+ tree types to allow for accounting in-life carbon sequestration.
  • Model carbonisation for cementitious materials.

While we do every effort to present up to date and accurate information, we can not guarantee all information and data shown is free of errors, up to date or complete.

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