One Click LCA Training-An Introduction to EPDs


Training duration 3,5h( Online / Onsite (for onsite training, additional travelling costs apply)
Training level Beginner / Intermediate
Related systems/tools ISO and EN standards
Language of training English. Subject to availability, other languages may be possible


An Introduction to EPDs
  • The course begins by introducing the construction sector carbon footprint and the importance of reducing it.
  •  You will learn the basics of what an EPD is and how they are used in the industry. You will gain a clear understanding of what information is in an EPD, and the different indicators and characterization factors. 
  • The course then goes into detail on key LCA concepts as they are defined in the standards, essential in conducting product life-cycle assessments.
  • It will demonstrate how One Click LCA EPD tools can be used to create product LCAs and EPDs faster and more cost efficiently, and you will have the opportunity to try it yourself with free software trial.

Training session will be delivered minimum 2 weeks after the order has been placed.

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