GHG Reporting Expert add-on

4700  / year

With One Click LCA GHG Reporting’s easy user interface and streamlined workflow, it has never been so hassle-free to manage, calculate and report your organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

COMPLIANCE GHG protocol guidelines
DATABASES Local EPDs, generic data
TOOLS Greenhouse gas tool
INCLUDES Great email support


With One Click GHG tool add on you can:

  • Get emission results that comply with GRI, CDP GRESB and ESB ratings and covers Scopes 1-3 in line with the GHG Protocol
  • Use up-to-date local energy emission factors
  • Hantera privat utsläppsfaktorbibliotek
  • Ge revisorer åtkomsträttigheter och skapa datainmatningsprofiler
  • Use Extended data classification and reporting for GRESB
  • Use extensive data for Scope 1-3 from the One Click LCA database, including global EPDs and average building carbon footprints
  • Export Excel reports and much more.
One Click LCA® is an easy to use toolkit for sustainable construction. The platform has modules for life-cycle assessment and carbon footprinting, life-cycle costing, responsible sourcing, EPD credits, circular economy, construction site performance tracking and more. The platform supports dozens of certification systems, integrates vast and continuously updated LCA database and integrates with Excel, gbXML, IFC, Revit and other BIM tools.

The software fits life-cycle cost optimization, eco-design, carbon performance optimization and tracking, sustainable procurement and certification needs. Tools and functionalities are licensed either as packages or as add-ons.

While we do every effort to present up to date and accurate information, we can not guarantee all information and data shown is free of errors, up to date or complete.

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